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Guangzhou Virtual Reality Industry Association 

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Supported by:


Real or Virtual

AR/VR Magazine

EuroVR  Association

The VR/AR Association

Virtual Reality Reporter

Innovation Leadership Forum

Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg 

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum 

Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance 

International Game Developers Association

Taiwan Association for Virtaul and Augumented Reality 

Swiss Society Virtual and Augmented Reality Association

GD-HK Economic & Cooperation Exchange Association

Guangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation, 

Guangdong VR Industry Alliance

Shen Virtual Reality Industry Association

Dongguan Virtual Reality Industry Association

Virtual & Augmented Reality Industry Association of Xiamen

Shenyang Virtual Reality Industry Association

Great Voyagenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation

Shenzhe VR / China (Nanchang) Virtual Reality Industrial Base

China VR&AR Venture Capital Investment Alliance


Shanghai VR and AR Industry Alliance

Virtual Reality Reporter