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Meet With World-renowned VR&AR Brands in Guangzhou !
Organized by:
Guangzhou Virtual Reality Industry Association 
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group 
2022 Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit 
Date:  MAY 10TH-12TH, 2022
Venue: China Import&Export Fair Complex, Guanghou, China
Exhibition scale: 50,000 sq.m with an expected 450+ exhibitors and 25,000 global buyers
Chinas VR&AR Equipment Shipment Is Experiencing Exponential Growth

As a major powerhouse in VR/AR industry, China’s shipment of VR/AR equipment is expected to achieve substantial growth. Take VR/AR headset for example. IDC’s least report projects that China’s VR and AR headset shipment will ramp up from 1.168 million and 32,000 units in 2018 to 10.501 million and 8.214 million units in 2023, making up a major share in the global market.    
Preview of VR&AR Fair 2022
VR&AR Fair 2022 will be sharing a show floor of 50,000 sq.m with AVE 2022 and DDSE 2022, together playing host to an estimated 450+ exhibitors and tens of thousands of related buyers. What’s more, the show will be supported by a strong advisor lineup comprised of influential organizations like VR/AR Association, Heilongjiang VR Technology Society, and leading enterprises like HTC, Huawei, Netvios, Pico, and so forth, jointly building a wonderful grand event for the whole industry to share!
Review of VR&AR Fair 2021
On a show floor of 20,000 sq.m, over 250 acclaimed exhibitors such as HTC, FuninVR, Leke VR, Empower Intelligent, Movie Power, Longcheng Electronics, Skyfun, 3Glasses, Dreamreal, Jiashi, NINED, Blaz, Simfinity, LINGXI AR, and etc, showcased their latest offerings. Unable to attend in person, Mr. Mark Sage, Executive Director of AREA, sent his congratulation video. Exhibitor groups led by Shenzhen VR Industry Association, Guangzhou VR Association, Heilongjiang VR Industry Alliance, and etc. added further to the vitality of the show!
Exhibition Scope
∙ VR/ARXR/MR Hardware, Technologies, Systems, Production Equipment, Parts & Accessories, Software, Contents, and etc.;
∙ VR/AR/XR/MR solutions for entertainment, education, tourism, real estate development, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, energy engineering, smart city and etc.

Concurrent Activity:
  • 2022 World Immersive Industry Conference 
  • VR/AR High-end Technology and Products Press Conference
  • ·Investment Project Show&VR/AR Matchmaking Meeting
  •  Industry’s Most Authoritative Awards Ceremony&High-end Dinner

Concurrent Event:

  • 2022 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA)
  • 2022 Asia Digital Display & Showcase Expo (DDSE)
  • 2022 Asia Digital Culture, Tourism&Live Show Industry Expo (CTLS)
  • 2022 Asia Digital Enterainment & Display KTV&Bar Industry Expo (DEIE)
Partial Famous Exhibitors in past: Unity, HTC, JD.COM, 3Glasses, MAD Gaze, Meleap/Hodo (Japan), VRway, Xiechuang Technology, NINED, FuninVR, Loonqin Tech, Movie Power, HEIVR, Ten Ho VR Classroom, DP VR, Royole, Leke VR, Super Captain, Hirain, Light&Magic, SLQJ VR, Zone Laser Tag & Hologate (Germany), ICAROS GmbH (Germany), PiXYZ Software (France), MIND & IDEA (Taiwan, China), Ai6tech (Taiwan, China), ANVIO(Russia), 3DVT, DGMA VR (Russia), Media Guide (Taiwan, China), SKONEC (Korea), F2 (Korea), Etc.
More industry trends and market opportunities will be shown in this pageant, which is waiting for your exploration!
Looking forward to your participation!