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August China’s VR&AR Industry Financing Report

August Chinas VR&AR Industry Financing Report
By VR&AR Fair Committee

China’s financing situation of VR&AR industry in Aug. performed well both in terms of amount and number. A total of 8 financings were completed in the country, accounting for one-third of the total in the globe. Meanwhile, its total finance amount rose from RMB 300 million in July to RMB 1.47 billion.

Financing Details of Chinas VR&AR Market In August
Company Date Financing Field Amount
HENGXIN SHAMBAlA August 27th VR Content and Offline Entertainment Nearly 1 Billion Yuan
HiAR August 27th AR Hardware and  Service 250 Million Yuan
Aoben Xianzhi August 27th 3D Scanning, AR Shopping Unknown
Cyber Amuse August 21st VR Offline Entertainment Tens of Millions Yuan
Prism Entertainment August 9th Holographic Projection 50 Million Yuan
DGene August 7th Light Field Technology Tens of Millions Yuan
Angstrong Tech. August 5th 3D Sensing Component Near 100 Million Yuan
LEMON Photonics Technologies August 5th Semiconductor Lasers 50 Million Yuan

Meanwhile, 3 characteristics can be concluded. 
Ø The major investment areas remain in hardware, technology, and content industry.
Ø In spite of the explosive growth in total amount, it’s mainly attributed to the raising of one company.
Ø The type of finance this month is more abundant than July, covering short-term debt, private placement, stocks, acquisitions, etc.
Given the recent dynamics, investors seem to be optimistic about the industries. To boost the industry development, VR&AR Fair 2020 will be launched this May. Everyone who gets interested in would be welcome!