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China Makes Plan to Be VR Leader by 2025

China Makes Plan to Be VR Leader by 2025
By VR & AR Fair Committee

When the western world was immersed in a holiday mood, China announced a big plan for its VR industry. On this Dec. 25th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC released the National Guidance for VR Development, mapping out the industry’s development goals for the next 7 years.
The plan can be divided into two stages, and the objectives of each stage can be summarized as follows:
▪ By 2020, pilot projects of VR industrial parks shall set an example for the nation and lead the way in VR innovation. A relatively complete industry ecosystem shall be formed.
Widespread VR adoption shall be achieved in the economy’s backbone sectors such as manufacturing, education, culture & tourism, health care, retail, and etc. Additionally, major bottleneck breakthroughs shall be made in technologies like near eye display, sensory interaction and immersion, rendering, content production, and so forth.
▪ By 2025, China shall lead the competition in VR with a number of internationally competitive homegrown VR firms displaying world-leading innovation capacity. The industry shall be capable of meeting wider demands from end users by developing better motion tracking devices, content production equipment & software, commercial & personal VR turn-key solutions, distribution platforms, and etc.
To this end, the government will encourage the recruitment of foreign talents, and take active action to create favorable conditions for international communication & cooperation.
Step by step, China is building a positive business environment for the industry’s sound and orderly development. If you want to know more about China’s VR/AR policy and trends, welcome to the 2019 Asia VR & AR Fair & Summit (VR & AR Fair 2019)!
2019 Asia VR & AR Fair & Summit (VR & AR Fair 2019)
Date: May 9th-11th, 2019
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou