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48 Chinese VR/AR Start-ups Got Fundings in 2018, Valuing at 1/3 of Global Total

48 Chinese VR/AR Start-ups Got Fundings in 2018, Valuing at 1/3 of Global Total
By VR&AR Fair Committee


The investment fever in VR/AR, which has swept the globe for the last two years, has finally cooled down in 2018. According to the incomplete statistics collected by HIAVR, throughout the year, a total of 2188 million dollars have been rolled into the VR/AR industry worldwide, a 30% downturn compared to the 3000 million dollars investment in 2017. 

China remained the biggest investor, injecting as much as 768 million dollars into the industry, representing about one third of the global total. 150 investments were counted worldwide, 48 of which came from China. 

Most of the fundings in China went into the development of VR/AR hardware and VR/AR-based education and interior design solutions. 

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