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China Attaches Great Importance to VR & AR Industry

The 2018 World Conference on VR Industry kicked off in Nanchang on October 19th. The conference aimed to focus on the key and common issues of virtual reality development, explore industrial development trends and solutions, showcase the latest achievements, cutting-edge technologies and latest products in virtual reality, give impetus to industry application and consumption and set up the international exchange platform for virtual reality.

VR makes a more wonderful world

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, sent a congratulatory letter to the Conference. He stated that China is committed to achieving high-quality development and propelling the wide application of new technologies, new products, new formats and new models in various fields. Moreover, China desires to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of VR, share development opportunities and innovation achievements together, and strive to create a better future for human society. It is hoped that all parties attending the conference will strengthen exchanges, promote consensus, expand cooperation, and work together to drive forward the development of related industries.
Furthermore, in his report to the 19th National Congress of CPC, Xi Jinping laid stress on the need to implement a new development concept and build a modern economic system. China will continue to deepen structural reforms on the supply side, accelerate the construction of innovative countries, and promote the formation of a new pattern of all-round opening.
In addition, Xi Jinping on the Opening Ceremony of Business 20 pointed out that a new round of technological and industrial revolution based on the Internet is poised for development. New technologies, like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, are changing with each passing day. The combination of virtual economy and substantial economy will bring revolutionary changes to people's production and life styles.
VR, AR and MR will be the entry for the next generation of all-purpose computer platforms and Internet, bringing disruptive changes to the economy, military, human and other fields. Some countries and regions are actively laying out their plans, such as US, EU, Japan, South Korea and so forth. In order to seize the commanding heights of the world's virtual reality strategy, China has positioned VR as a strategic emerging industry.
As an exchange platform in VR industry, Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit organized by Grandeur Group has been supporting the information exchange of VR industry. It is believed that the future of VR industry will be unprecedented. To this end, Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit has continuously provided an exhibition exchange platform for VR industry for three consecutive years, and it has never given up to provide development assistance for VR industry.
The World Conference on VR Industry held in October stimulated the VR industry. However Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit in May next year will add more momentum to VR industry. How much you're looking forward to it?
2019 Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit (VR&AR Fair 2019)
Date: May 9-11, 2019
Venue: China Import&Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China